What Kind of Clothing You Should Wear to a Trampoline Park

For most of us, a visit to a trampoline park is not an every day occurrence, as much as we may want it to be.

A boy jumping alone in a trampoline park
Those look like trampoline socks he's wearing, right?

That's why it's good to get familiar with what you should be wearing to one for the next time you visit. In general, you want clothes that are relatively form fitting and comfortable.

Not only does baggy clothing get in the way (somewhat), it's also a potential safety hazard. Less troublesome than going beyond the weight limit, but still a hazard nonetheless.

Types of Clothing and Accessories to Wear While Jumping

Hair Elastics & Ties

Long, loose hair is a no-no in the jump park scene. For starters, it gets in your eyes and is a safety hazard due to a lack of visibility. And secondly, you absolutely do not want to have your hair get caught in any part of the park.

Trampoline Socks

We'd never heard of trampoline socks prior to our first park visit several years ago. But once we tried them, we realized that there was no going back.

Trampoline socks help you achieve more solid footing while bouncing from jumping mat to jumping mat, thanks higher traction soles. Essentially, the socks aid in stability by preventing you from sliding across the mat.

They also share the added benefit of additional padding. Comfortable feet mean that you can jump longer, which is all anyone really wants anyway.

Sweats & Yoga Pants

Sweatpants and Yoga Pants offer the protection you're looking for when leaping from mat to mat. Everyone falls at some point, and when they do, they will enjoy that layer of protection offered from the covered skin.

Why sweats and yoga pants? Because no one likes a friction burn, that's why.

Note: Maybe don't use your favorite pair of yoga pants. It's possible they may get ruined.

A woman jumping in a trampoline park alone
Long hair is a no-no

Types of Clothing and Accessories to Avoid


Hanging chains, dangling bracelets, and large rings are best removed prior to jumping around. Trust us, you'd find yourself in a house of pain if you lost your engagement or wedding ring to the depths of the jump park.

Shorts & Skirts

The former isn't ideal to wear because of the lack of leg protection that shorts offer. The latter isn't ideal to wear ... well, we believe it to be self-explanatory. So don't wear shorts, and definitely don't wear a skirt.

Socks (Regular)

Regular socks are not for trampoline jumping. Sure, kids can get away with it, and that goes for bounce houses as well, but common everyday socks are just too slippery in general for proper park use.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have some ideas on what to wear and what not to wear, you're ready to get bouncing. So find a local trampoline park and get to it!