Nerf Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park H2H Battle Arena

Nerf Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park H2H Battle Arena

An outrageous inflatable bounce house that is equal parts water war fortress and equal parts awesome. Drench your foes with the built-in cannons and defend your castle. Or, storm the vinyl fort and claim your victory.

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Product Specs
Material Plastic & Vinyl
Dimensions 204 x 144 x 90 inches
Weight 103.8 lbs

WowWee really outdid themselves with their Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park. Geared toward kids aged 5-10, the inflatable Battle Arena can get up and running in 5-6 minutes, while offering parents an easy solution to the problem of, "I'm bored, what are we going to do!?" on a hot summer day.

Nerf's design includes hand-grips on the slides and two battle stations to defend. Two opposable water cannons will drench the driest of clothing in the battle arena. There's even a splash pad for those kids caught in the middle.


Color Options

The Nerf Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park H2H Battle Arena comes with only the original color option.

Nerf Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park H2H Battle Arena FAQs

What size blower will power the inflatable battle arena?

The product comes with an Indoor/Outdoor Bounce House Blower rated at 750V. You could use an alternative or a replacement, but you'd want to be sure that the blower size could handle the required airflow to keep it inflated.

Can I use a generator?

Yes, you could use a portable generator to power the Nerf Bounce House if need be. Much like adhering to the proper blower size, you'll want to make sure that the one you have can supply enough juice.

Try the Champion Power 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator. It's a 2000-watt generator that's got some giddy up.

Can adults use the Super Soaker Water Park?

No, adults should not use the Head-to-Head Battle Arena. The inflatable is rated to handle up to 200lbs safely, which is roughly 3-6 kids, depending on their size and weight, as well as distribution on the watery bounce house.

Can you use your own Squirt Guns on it?

Yes, you certainly can bring your favorite squirt guns to the water war. While we enjoy Super Soakers, and all Nerf Guns for that matter, there's no reason you can't sport another brand.

What about maintenance?

The Nerf Super Soaker Ultimate Water Park H2H Battle Arena should be properly cared for, just like any other bounce house. That means that you will want to regularly clean the bounce house after you're done using it. This is doubly true since it's water-driven product and you don't want mold to grow during indoor storage.

On occasion, rips and tears will occur through common usage. If that happens, there are certain steps you can take to repair the inflatable.

Can I set it up indoors?

Check out our guide on how to setup an indoor bounce house. Some spaces are conducive and some are not. Be sure to watch out for hard and rough surfaces or sharp edges on floors, walls and other surfaces.